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Disc Introduction

Care of Metrosil Units

High Energy Test Laboratory Overview

Metrosil 8000 Series Product

Metrosil Current Transformer Protection Unit Product Overview

Metrosil Current Transformer Protection Units Data Sheet

Metrosil Enclosures Product Overview

Metrosil Enclosures Product Brochure

Metrosil Relays Product Overview

Metrosil High Impedance Relays Data Sheet

MIMOX SVL Data Sheet

Metrosil VSD Data Sheet

Series 100-A & 175-A Varistors Data Sheet

Series 300-A & 600-A Varistors Data Sheet



Care of Metrosil Units (chinese)

High Energy Test Laboratory (chinese)

History of M&I Materials Ltd

8000 Series Installation & Maintenance Manual

Why Metrosil?


Frequently Asked Questions

A: M&I Materials Limited is a strong global business that specialises in materials for industry and science. Please see
A: Please contact our expert sales team and they will endeavour to answer all your questions.
Tel: +44 (0)161 864 5456 or Email: [email protected]
A: No, currently Metrosil is not available to buy online.
A: Normally approx 4-6 weeks. We always endeavour to satisfy customer requirements.
A: Metrosil is the brand name for silicon carbide based non-linear resistors manufactured by M&I Materials Limited.
A: Testing of Metrosils is complex and may require expensive equipment. Generally, a visual inspection will suffice to establish that the unit is not damaged. The electrical characteristics during the normal use of Metrosil are very stable from the time of manufacture until the end of the life of the protected equipment.
A: Metrosil is RoHS compliant; units are manufactured using lead-free solders.
A: For guidance on how to store, handle, inspect (prior to Installation) and maintain Metrosil units please click here.

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