Surge diverters

Used to limit the amount of voltage reaching an application, surge diverters protect transformers and switchgear from electrical surges.

Metrosil manufactures two types of surge diverter suitable for a variety of switch surge conditions.


VSD surge diverters

Metrosil surge diverters type VSD have been designed to provide effective protection against voltage surges that may result from the operation of power distribution switchgear. The range is suitable for use on applications where switching is infrequent, but stored energy levels are high.

The characteristics of the Metrosil VSD surge diverters range include:

  • Suitable for use in systems with working voltages from 3.3kV to 11kV rms
  • Provides optimum protection under severe switching surge conditions
  • Protects all types of transformers, generators, motors and any device/load where impulse voltage withstand level is low or not known

SVL surge diverters

Metrosil surge diverters type SVL have been specifically developed for switching applications where the surge to be suppressed may have a fast rise time, but low energy content. Recommended for use with any device where the withstand impulse voltage is low and high-energy absorption is not required.

The characteristics of the Metrosil SVL surge diverters range include:

  • Rated voltages from 1.2 kV to 15.5 kV
  • Constructed from metal oxide varistors, offering excellent protection levels
  • Suitable for loads which are switched with vacuum contactors

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