Current transformers

Designed to safeguard against electrical surges, Metrosil Current Transformer Protection Units (CTPU) and CTPU Enclosures offer engineers and power generation operators reliable protection from a single supplier.


current Transformer protection units

Metrosil Current Transformer Protection Units are designed to prevent dangerous voltages developing in transformer applications, even if an electrical circuit is open. At typical operating voltages (with the current transformer burden connected), the CTPU will pass insufficient current to affect the accuracy of the measuring equipment. If the electrical supply becomes disconnected, the whole of the secondary current will pass through the CTPU, limiting the voltage to a safe level. Metrosil CTPUs:

  • Safeguard against potential operating hazards of current transformer
  • Deliver excellent protection, even when the correct secondary burden is connected
  • Available in both single and three pole varieties for convenience of installation

CTPU Enclosures

Metrosil pre-assembled CTPU Enclosures safeguard against the damaging effects of secondary side open circuits. Backed by extensive technical support and design assistance, the robust units offer a safe and reliable solution for current transformer applications. Metrosil CTPU Enclosures:

  • Type tested and independently certified to IEC 61439 Parts 1 and 2
  • IP66-compliant
  • Adaptable configurations based on three standard cabinet sizes for specific application needs
  • Flexible fitting options meet diverse site requirements
  • Integral basic protection barrier safeguards against electrical surges

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