Metrosil over voltage protection is used to safeguard electrical equipment worldwide.

With more than 80 years’ experience across the globe, Metrosil provides superior safety in a range of high-risk applications including generator de-excitation, current transformer protection and relay protection.


Manufactured from a semi-conducting material, Metrosil components are used by leading power utilities and OEMs to protect against costly damage to critical assets and safeguard personnel. With unrivalled manufacturing reliability and technical expertise, Metrosil products are capable of absorbing energies from 10s of joules to mega joules.



Metrosil varistors act as an electrical safety valve, providing reliable protection to vital equipment and insulation. With a proven track record, Metrosil is the preferred solution for demanding environments ranging from hydropower generation to rail networks.


Metrosil continuously innovates to ensure we’re able to meet the exacting needs of our customers. Combining innovation with manufacturing proficiency, the Metrosil range continues to grow, delivering exceptional electrical protection to the biggest names in power generation.


Since 1937, Metrosil components have been providing superior protection against electrical surges in power networks across the globe. Through its manufacturing excellence and high standards of technical support, Metrosil helps safeguard your critical equipment.

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