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Discs & Assemblies

Discs & Assemblies

Discs and AssembliesMetrosil discs are available in sizes ranging from 25mm to 150mm diameter. They can be supplied as plain unmounted discs, or mounted on central studs, either as single discs or as multidisc assemblies arranged in series or parallel. The smaller size can be supplied with wire terminations and encapsulated in pvc or epoxy.

The electrical characteristics can handle microamps to kiloamps and are capable of absorbing from 10 to 50,000 joules per disc. Operating voltages range from 20V to 600V and a large number of specifications are available as standard items. The Metrosil brochure covers all the standard specifications but intermediate characteristics and multiple disc assemblies can be made to customer's requirements.

Because of their versatility Metrosil discs are used for a wide variety of applications; from spike suppression on fluorescent lights (a single 26mm disc, wire ended) to generator discharge resistors (96x150mm discs matched and electrically connected in parallel).

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  • Midel
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