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Care of Metrosil Units

Care of Metrosil Units

Storage, Handling and Inspection Prior to Installation

In order to assure the reliable performance of Metrosils, the following simple steps should be performed prior to installing the Metrosil unit(s)

  • Store in dry conditions
  • Handle units with care
  • Inspect units for transit damage:

i.)        Around the edges of the discs chips should not infringe into the brass contact area

ii.)      Cracked discs or discs, which look to have suffered an impact

iii.)     Bent terminal or contact plates

iv.)     Bent studding

In the case of uncertainty as to whether a unit is fit for installation, contact the Metrosil Customer Service Department.

Routine Maintenance of Metrosil Assemblies

Assuming the Metrosil has not been subjected to conditions outside its design limits, the routine maintenance checks should consist of:

  • Do not dismantle the Metrosil units.
  • If units are connected in parallel, then these units must be identified so that they can be reconnected in the same groups.
  • Carefully check the Metrosil disc for mechanical damage, such as chips or cracks.
  • Inspect the unit for signs of electrical flash-over and for burn marks due to current puncture.
  • Clean any dust and dirt from the edge of the disc and off the insulating bushes either side of the discs. Use a dry cloth or brush only.
  • Check that the connections are tight and the cables are not damaged.

If the Metrosil has been subjected to exceptional conditions, or these tests throw doubt on its integrity then the whole Metrosil should be replaced. Individual discs or units cannot be replaced because of the matching requirements of discs in parallel.

Metrosils Composed of Numerous Sub Units in Matched Sets

If a Metrosil is composed of several sub-units / assemblies, then it is critical that the sub-units are used and connected together as MATCHED SETS.

The set number and the sub-unit letter are indicated on the label of each particular sub unit. As may be indicated below, all sub-units with the same set number must be used together. If several Metrosils are purchased in one order, then each will have a different set number.

If a Metrosil is not composed of the correct matched sets, then this may lead to an imbalance in the current and energy flowing in each of the sub-units. M&I Materials will not be responsible for units which are not connected as matched sets. Please refer to the diagram below.


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